Beginning May 1, 2015 I will only be offering prints ordered through MPIX professional lab and "Facebook size" files as a package deal after your session.  

If you are wondering why the change from offering digital downloads and CDs, let me explain.

Traditionally, in the days of film, photographers only offered prints. Facebook didn't exist and scanning negatives didn't really have a point. Everyone bought prints from their photographer and a photographer would never give the clients the negatives.  The images were displayed on living room walls and mantles for ages.  And wedding pictures were immortalized in beautiful leather-bound albums.

Fast forward to our digital age today and add in social media, and now clients want to have something to "share" online.  But all that digital sharing has led to less and less "professional" photos making it to your real "wall" in your living room.  The absolute best way to see a photograph is printed, framed and hung on a wall.  It's great to share the photos online but one reason you hire a professional is to capture the special moments in time to show off - framed, on a canvas, or even printed on metal.

Clients often will tell me they will get the images printed themselves but after the excitement on Facebook wears off and life carries on, the prints get forgotten. The images sit on a CD in your drawer and that is often the last time they're ever seen. Hopefully that disc doesn't get lost or their hard drive doesn't crash. I've seen it happen.  The retail chains are selling to the masses and can keep their prices very low.  The downside to using a retailer will show up in the quality of the print.  When I post-process and enhance your images, I am carefully constructing a spot on image where the colors pop, it's a sharp image, and the crop is just right.  My monitor and Photoshop colors are calibrated to MPIX.  You can't be guaranteed a quality print at one of those retailers unfortunately.  And we photographers cringe to think one of our creations could be printed at a sub par standard and be a false reflection of our work.   

My clients need to know that I truly just want you to fully enjoy the photos we've created together. I pride myself in achieving the highest quality image for my clients.  By getting them printed and putting them on display in your home or office, you get to see the photos everyday. The prints will be printed at a professional photo lab and will last for 100 years. 

The "social media size" files will not be suitable for printing.  You simply click and share!  But the prints....oh, the prints!!!  Those we will order together and then - BINGO - framed and on the wall for grandma to see!  There is nothing better than a beautiful canvas on the family room wall to keep a family memory alive!

There may be options provided to clients to order a CD of the edited images in certain instances, but each image will be priced accordingly.

Please feel free to contact me for more information and to schedule a session!  I look forward to capturing your special moments and working with you to fill your home with a lifetime of memories!

Thanks for your understanding and trusting me to be your family's photographer!