Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC: Blog en-us (C) Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC (Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Tue, 23 Jan 2024 15:07:00 GMT Tue, 23 Jan 2024 15:07:00 GMT Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC: Blog 96 120 Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: A Core Value at Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC As the founder and professional photographer at Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC, located in Kittanning, PA, I’ve always believed that our lens should capture the diverse and vibrant tapestry of humanity. In both my personal and professional life, I am committed to extending compassion, respect, and acceptance to all communities.

Today, after a unfortunate reminder about biases and ideologies within our communities, I want to share with you how diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords for us, but are core values deeply embedded in our business ethos.


Celebrating Every Story

At Donna Weckerly Photography, we specialize in portrait photography services, including senior portraits, professional headshots, engagement sessions, maternity, and weddings. We understand that each client brings a unique story, and our goal is to showcase that individuality in every photograph. Whether we’re capturing a tender moment at a wedding or a professional's strength in a headshot, we ensure that our photography respects and celebrates the diversity of our clients.


Inclusive Photography: More Than Just a Picture

Our approach to photography is deeply rooted in inclusivity. We strive to create a welcoming environment where every client, regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexuality, or ability, feels comfortable and valued. Our sessions are tailored to respect cultural sensitivities and personal preferences, ensuring that everyone can have a memorable and positive experience.

final 45final 45portrait photograhy

Community Engagement and Support

As the Executive Director and Founder of the nonprofit Armstrong County Arts Council, I have a unique platform to promote diversity and inclusion through the arts. Our initiatives and events are designed to celebrate diverse artistic expressions and bring together people from different backgrounds. This commitment to community engagement extends to my photography business, where I actively seek opportunities to collaborate with and support underrepresented groups.


An Ever-Evolving Journey

Diversity and inclusion in photography are not static goals; they are ongoing commitments that evolve as our society grows. At Donna Weckerly Photography, we are continually educating ourselves and adapting our practices to be more inclusive and aware of the changing dynamics in our community and the world.

6262@ Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC

Your Partner in Capturing Diversity

For those in the Pittsburgh region and beyond, looking for a photographer who values diversity and inclusion, Donna Weckerly Photography is here for you. Our promise is to provide a respectful, inclusive, and professional service that reflects your unique story and identity. We are excited to capture your moments with the utmost care and respect.

The Daniel family in downtown Kittanning 2017The Daniel family in downtown Kittanning 2017

In conclusion, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do at Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC. We believe that every individual deserves to have their story told through the powerful medium of photography, and we are honored to be part of that storytelling process. If you’re looking for a photography service that aligns with these values, we invite you to get in touch and experience the difference for yourself.

FINAL 1908FINAL 1908

Stay connected with us on social media for updates and our latest work!

4W8A2853-Edit4W8A2853-Editportrait photograhy





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Elevate Your Professional Image with Donna Weckerly's Headshot Photography In the digital age, where first impressions are often made online, a professional headshot is more than just a photograph; it's a powerful tool for personal branding and creating a lasting impact. At Donna Weckerly Photography, we specialize in capturing the essence of your professional persona through our premium headshot photography sessions.


Why Professional Headshots Matter
In today's competitive environment, a professional headshot does more than just fill a space on your business card or LinkedIn profile. It conveys your professionalism, confidence, and personality before you even meet someone. Whether you're an executive, entrepreneur, artist, or any professional, your headshot is a critical element of your personal branding.


Studio and On-Location Sessions
Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we offer both in-studio and on-location headshot sessions. Our in-studio setup provides a controlled environment perfect for creating a polished and professional look. Alternatively, our on-location sessions allow for a more personalized background, reflecting your unique style and profession. Whether at our studio or your chosen location, we ensure each session is comfortable, efficient, and tailored to your needs.


Professional Retouching: The Art of Perfection
Post-production is where magic happens. Utilizing the latest portrait editing techniques, we professionally retouch your headshots to perfection. Our approach is to enhance your natural features, ensuring the final image looks like you on your best day. We pay meticulous attention to details like skin tone, lighting, and overall texture, striking the perfect balance between natural and polished.


Commercial Licensing for Your Convenience
Recognizing the diverse applications of professional headshots, we provide commercial licensing for all our images. This means you can use your headshots across various platforms, from corporate websites and press releases to marketing materials and social media, without any additional licensing complexities.


Invest in Your Professional Image
In a world where your image can be as influential as your resume, investing in a professional headshot is not just a luxury; it's a necessity. At Donna Weckerly Photography, we are dedicated to crafting headshots that not only capture your professional appearance but also your unique personal brand.


Ready to elevate your professional image? Contact us at Donna Weckerly Photography to book your session today. Let's create headshots that make you stand out in the best way possible.


43 edit43 edit

7373portrait photograhy


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Macro Photography: Close is Always Better

Venturing out to my backyard garden is always a ‘macro' adventure. I go prepared each time with my Canon 100mm macro lens attached to my Canon mirrorless camera. And there’s lighting gear involved too. Usually, affixed on the camera’s hot shoe is a Godox speed light. A flashlight can often be found tucked in my garden tote bag for any lighting ideas I may want to experiment with while capturing images of critters. 

Macro photography is my absolute favorite genre of photography and for the simplest of reasons - macro is exciting. I find myself sleuthing through my backyard, shifting a fallen leaf off a river rock or rearranging flower petals just to see what tiny insect may be there doing its own thing in nature. You know, like a butterfly pollinating a flower or an ant, carrying a granule of bread crumb across a lily's leaf. There’s an entire microscopic world happening in my garden and I love experiencing just one of the moments through my lens. 

Setting up a proper macro photography moment takes skill, lots of practice, and proper gear. A tripod definitely aids in getting in-focus close-ups more times than trusting your own handheld results. Getting in close to take the shot while trying to manage the steadiness of the camera can frustratingly cause camera shake and out of focus images. 

Editing is such a huge part of creating the final macro image for print.  I typically use a focus stacking technique in Adobe Lightroom\Photoshop to ensure that each final image will be as crisp, focused, and clear.


Be sure to visit my online PRINTS FOR SALE section of my website to see all my nature images!

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Discover the Beauty of Art: Exclusive Prints and Unique Keepsakes January 20, 2024

Welcome to the latest blog post from Donna Weckerly Photography, your trusted source for stunning photography prints and unique keepsakes in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. As a professional photographer with over 12 years of experience, I'm excited to share with you the exquisite range of products available for online purchase. Whether you're an art enthusiast or looking for that perfect gift, our collection of prints, canvases, metal prints, coasters, and ornaments are sure to captivate and inspire.


Exquisite Prints for Every Taste:

Our online gallery showcases a diverse range of photography prints. From the serene landscapes of the Armstrong County region to the intimate moments of macro photography, each print is a testament to the beauty and complexity of our world. Printed on high-quality materials, these works of art are perfect for enhancing any space – be it your home or office.


Canvas Prints - Bring Your Walls to Life:

Imagine the lush green landscapes of Pennsylvania or the vibrant hues of a sunset adorning your walls. Our canvas prints are not just pictures; they are gateways to memories and experiences. Each canvas is meticulously crafted to ensure the highest quality, making them a timeless addition to your decor.


Metal Prints - Modern Elegance:

For those who appreciate a contemporary touch, our metal prints offer a sleek and durable option. The vibrant colors and sharp details make these prints stand out, providing a modern aesthetic that complements any room.


Unique Keepsakes - Personalized Touch:

Discover our range of custom-made coasters and ornaments. These items are perfect for adding a personal touch to your home or as thoughtful gifts for loved ones. Each piece is created with care, ensuring a product that is not only beautiful but also meaningful.


Why Choose Donna Weckerly Photography?

At Donna Weckerly Photography, we are dedicated to capturing and presenting the beauty of the world through our lens. Our commitment to quality and creativity is evident in every product we offer. By choosing our prints and keepsakes, you're not just decorating a space; you're embracing a piece of art that tells a story.


Support Local Art and Community:

By purchasing from Donna Weckerly Photography, you are not only acquiring a stunning piece of art but also supporting local talent and the broader Armstrong County Arts community. Each purchase helps to foster the local arts scene and contributes to its vibrant culture.

Explore the exclusive collection at Donna Weckerly Photography and find the perfect piece that speaks to you. From breathtaking prints to charming keepsakes, our online store is a treasure trove for art lovers and gift seekers alike. Visit our website to view our full collection and bring home a piece of Kittanning's finest photography art today.

Discover the perfect print or keepsake for your home or as a gift for someone special. Visit to explore our collection and place your order today. Stay connected with us for the latest updates and exclusive offers by following our Social Media at Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC.


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Calendar Fun Kaleb I am blessed with such awesome opportunities within my photography work life now that I have retired from my full-time job at the steel mill. New doors have opened and I find myself enjoying such a wide range of events, exhibits, creativity, and volunteerism.

Which brings me to The Down Syndrome Association of Pittsburgh and its annual calendar project.

I was tagged in an online Facebook post a few months ago by a dear friend, Angie, recognizing me as an Armstrong County area photographer. The Down Syndrome Association was asking for volunteer photographers to work with local families who wanted to participate in the 2023 calendar.

Wesson Knowing a few families who have young children with Down, I jumped at the chance to become the photographer for this project - volunteering my time to capture the smiles and accomplishments of these awesome kids!!

Damien I met Wesson, Damien, Kaleb, Eli, Lacey, and Isabella.  And you can easily see how I fell completely in love with each one of these awesome kids for so many different reasons.  They were so fun to photograph. Their families were wonderful to work with. And the folks at DSA of Pittsburgh are fantastic!  This has been a great experience for me and I hope I can do it again!

Eli Lacey

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Local Gem HOTEL 04 Lenape Golf Resort 2019HOTEL 04 Lenape Golf Resort 2019

Lenape Golf Resort in Ford City is quite the find! If you haven’t loaded up your golf clubs and found your way to Ford City...well you are definitely missing out on a great course, delicious entrees, and a very stylish hotel! I’m so honored to have been entrusted to capture professional business images for this wonderful local business

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) cater dinner event golf hotel menu photography Wed, 05 Feb 2020 07:00:35 GMT
Portrait Fever Edited 218Edited 218

The warm weather adds excitement to the air and my mind begins to anticipate creative and fun outdoor sessions!!

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) kittanning photography pittsburgh portraits seniors Thu, 28 Mar 2019 08:09:25 GMT
New Year and New Goals

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Wed, 28 Nov 2018 18:35:15 GMT
I’m bringing booty back... Tyree 09Tyree 09

Taking a beauty deep in the woods and asking her to bare not only her soul but also her tush is an awesome experience. Every photographer needs to experience an outdoor Boudoir shoot once in their career. This model posed perfectly and I captured so many awesome images

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) black booty boudoir canon model tush undies woman woods Sat, 13 Oct 2018 01:26:56 GMT
Finding the Right Style JPEGS-final-Herbst-07JPEGS-final-Herbst-07

I strive for a style of photography that is sharp, well lit, and professionally composed images that are retouched to meet the mood, personality and surrounding of the model(s). Each one of my sessions is created for someone new. After a thorough pre-consultation and lots of FB messenger exchanges my client and I have created their personal session. It will be shot in my style of shooting and will be edited to reflect all the elements that need showcased. My clients may find dark and moody as well as light and airy in their final galleries dependent of locations and clothing changes. Each setting location 99% of the time will have the same “look” and style. A style can be varied (not inconsistent). I adapt my professional skills to different shooting moods and create the art in front of me.

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Campbell Plan Mini Session Offer Howdy neighbor!  You’ve received your door hanger invitation and here you are...ready to hear about this special offer!  Awesome

I am so very excited to extend this terrific offer to you and your family.  This photography deal won’t last long and spots are limited so please don’t delay in reserving your time slot.  Here’s the scoop:


Campbell Plan Mini Session

  • February 1 - March 11, 2018
  • Saturday and Sunday time slots only  9am-11am
  • $100.00
  • 40 minute photography session in your own backyard (comfy and familiar)
  • Contract will be signed and all details explained
  • Up to 6 people can be included in the session (note: pets can be included but the 40 minutes is solid so uncooperative pets will eat into time)
  • 1 gifted 8x10 professional lab print - image fully enhanced and frame-worthy!
  • Family can elect to purchase other print or gift items through my website
  • there is a code on the back of your door-hanger - this is your personal code for this special offer.  You will need to have that code when booking your session.


Now, let’s do this....

All you need to do is text me at 724.664.3976 and provide:

Your name, address, phone number (evening) and your door hanger CODE to begin the scheduling process.  I will contact you to set up a weekend session date and time.  And then we will work through all the other formalities like getting a contract reviewed and signed, discussing outfit options and general photography fun stuff.


I look forward to not only meeting all of you but capturing a new and creative family photo that you will cherish for a lifetime.  Thanks for trusting me to be the one to save a memory for you!  Cheers to a happy and healthy 2018. 


Donna Weckerly

100 South Street

LIKE and FOLLOW my Facebook and Instagram page too!


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New York City: a new beginning for this Senior Edited for PRINT-02-2Edited for PRINT-02-2

Good luck to one of my favorite senior guys from West Shamokin High School in Rural Valley, PA. John will be packing his bags soon and moving to the Big Apple to begin his studies at NYU for acting. I am so excited to follow this young man's successes. Anyone up for a road trip?

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) seniors graduate NYU New York Sun, 28 May 2017 06:37:07 GMT
Dog Days: Camping with Pets IMG_0194IMG_0194

Dogs are everyone's best friend at camp! Puppy Ruby stole the show while we camped with friends in Tionesta, PA. This young lab puppy loved frolicking in the creek.

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) dogs puppy camping Sun, 28 May 2017 06:33:14 GMT
Mixing Sobriety and Boudoir - a recipe for confidence I know all too well, as a recovering addict's mom, how miserable and unrewarding a life can become once it is infected with alcoholism or drug abuse.  I've seen first-hand what depression, low self-esteem and helplessness looks like as the disease takes over their lives.  There's no joy.  There's no family.  Their health deteriorates.  Socially, they become glued to a bottle or wrapped up in a circle of crime.  It takes nothing short of a miracle and lots of time and hard work for them to find the light and recover from addiction.

I have two success stories to share with you.  

One is very personal and involves my 30 year old son.  Adam is currently working through an 18 month recovery program in Pittsburgh, PA.  His successes come every day - slowly he is clearing his mind and realizing his potential.  He has tons of support and is loved unmeasurably.  Please keep him in your prayers.

And then there is Missy!  My dear sweet Missy who has battled alcoholism for over 30 years.  

In her own words: "I am an alcoholic named Missy.  My self-esteem has been provided to me via alcohol for over 30 years."

14 months of sobrietyMissy has been in recovery for almost 14 months!

Missy came to me with broken self-confidence.  Sure, she heard from friends and family "your beautiful inside and out" but she just didn't feel it or see it!  Missy wanted to "see from the outside looking in", regain her self-esteem and share her confidence with her husband (newlyweds).  

Our boudoir session began with lingerie sprawled out all over the bed and I watched as Missy's eyes lit up when she imagined herself in a beautiful white lace gown or the sexy red corset.  Then I watched her hesitate, step back and consider what she was about to do.  After losing a lot of weight, battling some medical issues and drinking away her blues, Missy had scars to show the wear and tear on her body.   She was nervous and it was now time for me to explain how, in just a few short minutes, every doubt Missy carried about her body would be washed away.  I promised her.  Now it was on me to transform a broken young woman...

The room was transformed in to a safe place for Missy to let go and be sexy.  She was actually a natural - I laughed and asked if she had done this before.  Missy, right in front of my eyes, wearing a lace gown and sexy lipstick, began to curve her hips and pout those lips in a way that just looked so natural and fun.  As the shutter clicked away, I watched Missy loosen up - she wanted more - she was asking if she could pose a certain way.  She became focused on her body.  She moved and posed just how she imagined her body should be if she was flirting with her husband.  She laughed.

But then...I stopped and said we would take a quick break so I could show her a few of the images from the back of my camera.  I love to let the girls see exactly what the lingerie, makeup and poses look like to just reassure them how great they are doing.  

Missy 156Missy Missy

And then it happened!  The moment I pray for every time I work with a boudoir client. But this time was different.  The tears came quickly and her body just slumped onto the bed.  And she said: "That can't be me.  That's not me. Really? Is that me?"  And we cried together.  And as quickly as the tears came, they left.  Because her shoulders rose.  Her smile returned.  Missy was seeing herself again as a beautiful and sexy young woman.  

Missy 88Missy 88

And the rest is history....Missy and I created a gorgeous gallery of boudoir images that she can share with her husband.  And she is willing and open to sharing the images and her story with all of you.  Missy wants each of you to know how empowering and perfect her boudoir session was for her.  

Missy Missy

We all have our own challenges.  And we women are just so damn hard on ourselves.  We are so critical of even the smallest imperfection.  Stop it.  Even without a liberating boudoir session, each of you should feel confident and empowered.  But it never hurts to see the 'back of the camera' and say WOW! 

Please consider leaving a comment below this blog post!  Peace and Joy to you all!



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Gabby: home in the woods This adorable senior girl wanted her session to be done in a very familiar and comfortable setting for her and her family.  So I met up with this lovely family in Cook Forest on a beautiful afternoon.  We carried a chair through the woods laughing, talking, and creating a whole day of fun memories for us all.  I have been friends with Gabby's mom for a VERY long time so this session meant a lot to me.  I hope you enjoy not only the gorgeous model but the beautiful forest that is so close to home for any of us!

Please be sure to leave a comment on this blog post so I know you stopped by to visit!

Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest Senior Gabby ShearerFun in the forest



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Garrett feels right at home... This senior guy felt right at home during his senior session in Ford City, PA.  And his mom and I did too since we both graduated (just a few years ago ya know) from Ford City High School.  Garrett will be graduating from Armstrong High School but I am sure he still has a lot of great memories from FCHS.  But onward and upward for this very personable and likable young man.  I wish him nothing but complete success in the future!  

Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior Senior Garrett Jackson2017 senior

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Caitlynn ROCKS the city This 2017 graduating gal from Armstrong High School wanted a city backdrop for her senior portraits.  So off we went to the 'Burg with a mission to capture the many bridges, waters, and scenic areas of the North Shore.  

Caitlynn rocked this session without a shadow of a doubt.  I hope you enjoy both her beauty as well as her awesome posing and modeling skills as much as I do.  I wish her the best life can offer her as she travels her own personal journey through life!  Live well and be happy!


Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city! Caitlyn Becker Senior PortraitsCaitlyn rocks it in the city!                                      BEAUTIFUL...

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Canon girl photographer photography school woman Mon, 14 Nov 2016 23:48:12 GMT
Homecoming Memories

it's always so fun to be part of a family's special moments. Emma (going to the homecoming dance) is all giggles and smiles when being photographed with her handsome date.

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) school dance teenager homecoming family Tue, 01 Nov 2016 02:35:29 GMT
Editorialized and loving it! It all started with an idea and a long overdue visit with one of my closest friends. It seemed that both Cheri Herold and I shared a vision of where my photography skills and her artistry could work together to create a creative and unique gallery of images. Levi Leyland styled by Cheri Herold

So I asked a few of my most model-friendly clients if they were game for an editorial style fashion shoot using professional make up artists and hair stylists - all while getting pointers from a former model. We were headed to Mars - Pennsylvania, not outer-space, to spend the day at the Fountain of Youth Cosmetology Academy.

Model Kellie Donahue Model Kendra Kline Model Ashley Pellegrino Model Levi Leyland


And this gallery of images proves that all it takes is a vision and determination to make something work - and we had FUN! The models, although far outside their normal comfort zone, managed to find something about the day that boosted their self-confidence or helped them find a new hair style. Some were ecstatic about watching everyone have their make-up applied. While some just couldn't stop trying on all the cool clothes and accessories. It was like we were all backstage in NYC during Fashion Week!


Kellie Kendra Ashley Levi


My models were better than perfect - way better! And the stylists, students, teachers, and others worked so hard to make this a success. Now, you may find the make up and hairstyles a tad too over the top for your taste, but that was the whole point of the shoot: steeping out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new.

Kellie Ashley Kendra and Levi


This session brought me so much joy and laughter. As well as some very awesome shots! I hope you enjoy browsing these images as much as we all loved creating them for you. Please be sure to leave us a comment! Peace and Love...

Kendra PNG for web use 2918 Levi and KelliePNG for web use 2918 Levi and Kellie PNG for web use 26 DylanPNG for web use 26 Dylan Printable JPEG 2850 KendraPrintable JPEG 2850 KendraFountain of Youth Stylized Fashion Session 2016 Printable JPEG 3106 KendraPrintable JPEG 3106 Kendra

Photographer:  Donna Weckerly (Kittanning, PA)

Stylist: Cheri Herold Gall

Videographer:  Dylan Hetrick

Salon:  Fountain of Youth Cosmetology Academy in Mars, PA




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It's All About the Lipstick

Kylie applies a fresh coat of lipstick during our stylized model session. The rich and vibrant Crimson colored lipstick blended perfectly with Kylie's dress and tattoos.

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) lipstick tattoo woman model makeup style portrait hair pretty Fri, 09 Sep 2016 05:57:28 GMT
A Senior moment

Caitlynn perfects this stunning pose as we shoot her senior photography session at the North Shore area of Pittsburgh.

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Pittsburgh Senior pose woman high school graduation teenager Fri, 09 Sep 2016 05:50:14 GMT
Family Mini Sessions It "Leaves" You Breathless

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Pittsburgh family photographer session Thu, 04 Aug 2016 13:24:48 GMT
Happy 4th Birthday Collin IMG_0004IMG_0004

celebrating Colllin's birthday at Belmont Pool

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) birthday boy pool party family Sun, 17 Jul 2016 04:35:12 GMT
Screenshot Alley I was at Walmart (Kittanning) yesterday afternoon to buy fabric. There was no attendant readily available to cut my fabric for me so the manager asked the clerk minding the photo lab to assist me. She was very helpful and we began chatting. She asked what I was making with the fabric and I explained I was a photographer and was about to attempt to create some newborn blankets and backdrops. 

Instead of the usual "oh, how lovely! Newborn photography would be so fun...blah blah blah", the clerk got a scowl on her face and I thought "uh oh, what's up with this lady?"
And so it went....
"I mostly work in the photo lab.  We get all kinds of requests to print photos.  But, say, in the past couple of years, we have a large amount of customers asking us to print other people's work.  I can tell that some images are cell phone pictures of an image on Facebook. They literally snapped a picture of their computer screen. Others have come in with a USB full of a local photographer's images without a print release.  They want every image printed.  I asked one customer if he really took the picture of the bear and he replied 'maybe'.  But I knew it was an AP image.  I had seen it on the news. Recently, a customer wanted me to print a screen shot of her photographer's website that contained her images that she could buy online.  I saw the little shopping cart icon off to the side of the screenshot and the transparent copyright logo on each image.  I turn all these customers away.   I know how hard you photographers work. These people want to get your images for free.  And there may be times they get away with it.  I just wanted to let someone know.  I am glad you mentioned that you are a photographer."
And there you have it.  Until we, as photographers, educate our clients about color/monitor calibration, the importance of color space, the quality of paper, and the purpose of a professionally trained photographer, I am afraid we will lose respect and admiration from our communities.  It is up to us to diligently provide a quality service that offers professional prints that will withstand the test of time and look fantastic displayed in a frame.  
(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Fri, 15 Jul 2016 23:51:15 GMT
A Trip Fit for a Queen May 15, 2016 1:00pm

On our way home from the airport, our second stop was at a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire. It's just a bunch of rocks. It's always been a bunch of rocks. And I bet it will always be a big bunch of rocks. But we did pay $20 each to walk around this bunch of rocks. What were those guys thinking back in 3100 BC?  And obviously the aliens are interfering with the wifi service. And the security guard who was walking through the grass didn't think it was so cool for Di and Jason to be walking in the grass. I was almost evicted from the bunch of rocks because my English friends can't obey the rules. The moral of the story is don't pay $20 to see a bunch of rocks if you want to walk in the grass. 

Stonehenge was such an awesome stop on our 13 day vacation in England. 

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Canon England London Queen Stonehenge photographer photography vacation Sun, 15 May 2016 20:11:55 GMT
Nails, Metal, and Models My blessings are many....but on this day I was completely blessed with two awesome models and the perfect art studio!

I had a vision for a styled session.  And I had two special models in mind!  

And there was this awesome art studio located in Butler that I was familiar with....and then there was magic!

The owner of the studio, Bill Secunda, gave me the two thumbs up to shoot at his sculpture workshop/studio.  What a fantastic on-location studio for me to use!  The weather was a tad chilly so my models were glad to find a small heated area of the workshop to hide in while I set up for each different set.

Kendra and Levi had never met before the shoot, but it only took seconds for them to bond to create emotional and edgy images!  

Be sure to go to Bill's website and Facebook page to view his spectacular art work!!!!!  He is an incredible artist and is now famous all over the country.


                                                     Bill Secunda Studios



                                   Be sure to follow me on Instagram #Instagram


(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Art Canon Sculptures artist edgy lens metal models nails photography portrait urban warehouse workshop Wed, 20 Apr 2016 00:21:33 GMT
Baseball Season is here!

Aiden and his mom are ready for baseball season.

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) 2016 Donna Weckerly Photography Family PLAYGROUND children photography baseball Sun, 03 Apr 2016 09:41:06 GMT
Windy With a Chance of Smiles It was a windy afternoon and mom was prepared: mirror, hair brush, and a make-shift umbrella to help block the wind that was blowing across their backyard.  Everywhere we turned seemed to be right in the path of this wind.  But somehow, through the wind and tousled hair, these lovely ladies were able to pull off a phenomenal family photography session.  

Their backyard was a photographer's PROP dream....a rustic barn, split rail fence, brick silo, pines, open fields, and a wood pile.  And, of course, I tried to make use of every one of them (unless the wind gusts were too strong). 

The collage below is just a snippet of images from their session.  I had a terrific time working with Jennifer, Madison and Laken!  💚

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) barn dog fall family fence outdoors photography silo sisters women Mon, 30 Nov 2015 00:30:24 GMT
Just Like My Dad

Jaysa and her dad, Jim, pose on the bridge with their fire fighting gear. These two wonderful friends serve on the Rural Valley VFD squad. I am so very proud of them.

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) fire Jaysa dad fireman family Tue, 24 Nov 2015 18:40:13 GMT
A Little Bit of RatRod in Your Life  

Meet Kylie!

She is one of my favorite girls.  Artsy.  Fun.  Smart.  Adorable.  And obviously, she is very photogenic.

So I was super excited to schedule an outdoor portrait session with Kylie.  Our schedules finally clicked and we met in our small town of Ford City, PA.  I grew up in this town and have always loved the brick streets, industrial vibe, and ethnic townspeople.  My goal was to capture a bit of this town's essence in the images and still highlight Kylie's absolute beauty.

We began our session at the fountain area of a small park in the heart of Ford City.  

And moved to the brick street nearby.

Now, just take a moment and gaze at these images.  Holy cow!!!!  Can you saw "nailed it"?  The evening sun cast the perfect light.  Kylie's best friend, Holly, provided all the glitz and bling as the make-up artist extraordinaire!  And Kylie dressed to perfection - every outfit accentuated her curves and style. 


Kylie adores her Boxer and asked to have a few shots of them together.  What a dog!  Isn't that photo adorable?

Now you may ask:  "where did that Ratrod come from?"  And I would answer: "from out of nowhere!"

This may have been the most bizarre turn of events I have ever experienced while shooting a session.  Picture me up on a ladder (see the pic above) and Kylie half way down a brick street wearing a black tight mini dress and heels.  Behind Kylie, on the next street over, I spy a really cool vintage truck cruising past and my photographer's mind's eye screams "we gotta use that as a prop".  So, in true crazy photographer fashion, I yell to Kylie to stop that truck and ask if we could use it as a prop for just a shot or two.  No harm asking, right?

Ironically, the man driving the truck had just leaned over to his wife and said (prior to my idea) "I am going to offer these girls my truck to use in their photos".  And there you have it....our very own custom-built RatRod vintage truck.  The driver graciously moves the truck in to position for me and takes a spot over on the sidewalk with his wife and Holly to watch. We now have a side street in town completely blocked off from traffic while we play.  And, oh, did we play.  And thankfully the local police officer who drove past didn't mind us using the street! 

I am in awe.  Everything is just perfect.   But there's just this one minor detail...

Oh yeah, it's this dude sitting on the roof top of a building on the street we are shooting on.  From his vantage point, he sees one very smokin' hot lady dressed to the nines parading around on the street below looking like a super model.  And he is in awe.  And out comes his cell phone and snap, snap, snap goes the shutter.  I am betting there are quite a few "bootleg" images of Kylie floating around his circle of friends on social media.  Too funny!  He enjoyed the rooftop view while we gals below continued our photo shoot.

After a couple hours of posing and smiling on the street, Kylie had just two more photo requests.  She had shown me a print she brought home from Ireland:  a Guinness beer ad and she really wanted to try to replicate and honor the pose and idea.  Guinness should be flattered!  So Holly and I did our best to get her face, neck, shoulders, sweater, lips, glass, eyes, hat (whew) all just right!  It was a team effort and the result was absolutely perfect!

Kylie actually posted this image on the Guiness Facebook page and garnered a response from them:

Guinness  Looks great, Kylie. We’re so impressed, we’d love to send you a goblet glass just like the one in the original photo. Drop us a message.

Swoon....I am just so pleased with the entire session, the images, and the overwhelming positive feedback that both Kylie and I have received from friends, family, and peers.  Likely, this session will go down in history as one of my most favorite and original ones of all time!  I want to thank both Kylie and Holly for really giving their all to make this session what it was - perfect!

Holly Bowser is an exceptional hair stylist and make up artist.  Kylie was in very good hands!

And last but not least, never ever take for granted a friendship that is built on love, trust, and compassion.  I think this final image says it all....true friends for life


(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Boxer Guinness Kylie Ratrod photography Wed, 14 Oct 2015 21:24:53 GMT
Impromtu (or was it fate?) Step back in time with me for a moment to the 1990's when my son, Adam and his friend Dave were elementary age kids growing up in Worthington, PA.  Oh how I often wish the clock's hands would roll back to those days and my son would still be that little boy!  But days fly by and our children become adults.  And we, as parents, learn to parent from a distance.  Sometimes our children move away and start their own lives!

And that's just what Dave did.  He is actually now living in Philadelphia but recently made a trip home to rural Western PA.  I saw on Facebook that he was home visiting his family so I sent him a Facebook message on a whim just to check in AND suggest we do a fun photo session.  He was game.  We made plans.  And here is where the whole idea of fate steps in...

So our day together goes perfectly.  Dave is very photogenic and quite personable.  He gets that trait from his mom because she and I had a nice chat while waiting for Dave to get his last minute things done for the shoot.  

Dave and I spent a couple hours on his grandparent's farm - shooting at their beautiful pond.  

When I returned home from the shoot,  I decided to edit a couple of Dave's images and post the photos online for him to show his mom and family.  A simple TAG and ta da - his face is gracing Facebook's timelines near and far.

At some point (as I am following the gads of comments and likes on his image) I notice one particular comment:


Gad Zooks!!!!  A NYC boutique owner has shown an interest in David's gorgeous face for an upcoming campaign!!!!!!  Crazy!!!  Crazy good, that is!

So, was it fate that I just "out of the blue" contacted Dave?   No one knows for sure but we do know Dave will make the perfect model!  And I am super stoked that quite possibly one of my images could have been a factor in getting him recognized!  I will accept that and be VERY HAPPY! :)


(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Fri, 02 Oct 2015 23:39:57 GMT
Rain Rain Go Away because The Leylands Want to Play Meet the Leylands...One of my favorite families

This session almost got rained out.  I was just about a minute away from their driveway when the downpour began.  

As I maneuvered through the heavy rain, I imagined having to cancel the session (insert my pouty face here).  

I didn't want to show up at their door, see all the kids dressed perfectly, and have to tell Terry that we needed to reschedule.  

So, I thought, let's wait it out a bit.

And not long after I arrived, the rain stopped and the clouds rolled away.  But the humidity hung around.  UGH

So we knew it was going to be a damp session but we decided to give it a whirl anyways. 

Terry, the Pinterest guru, created the adorable floral headbands worn by her granddaughters.  She had everyone dressed to match and I was so impressed!

Time to head outdoors (did I mention Hank was in the kitchen whipping up some homemade salsa and spaghetti sauce?) Oh, yeah...

LOVE this family!

We decided on some areas of their back yard to capture the smiles and personalities of their 4 grandchildren.

Aren't they simply ADORABLE?

Then we ventured down to a local barn to shoot some "country" images.  The barn door was the perfect backdrop!

And we were photobombed a few times by the horses!!! :)

I don't think Terry and Hank anticipated the entire family posing for a picture but it happened.  There was this old tree stump just sitting there....

it was the most perfect spot to pose the family!  And Levi counted 150 rings in that stump!  What an old tree! 

Impromptu, unexpected, and spur of the moment = 1 very awesome family photo

As I finish up my edits and retouches of this session, I smile knowing that this family loves deeply and lives life to the fullest.  (and eats really good pasta)

I am so blessed to know each of them and get the opportunity to capture a time in their lives when the grandchildren are still young.

Godetevi le fotografs, Leylands!

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Fri, 11 Sep 2015 00:24:40 GMT
A Walk on the Vintage Side Meet Dalton.

Of course, I am always showing off my gorgeous and handsome senior pics to my coworkers!  They see my blog, browse through my website, and always get to hear the latest photo session scoop.  So, I was thrilled when my friend and coworker, Eric, asked if I could schedule his son's senior portrait session.  We scheduled a date and the rest is history!


When I arrived in Prospect, PA (I found the house without GPS - Prospect is a small town), I was first greeted by the family dog - wagging tail and all. Hesitantly, with no one around, I reached out my hand to pet him and that was it - friends for life! :)  I knocked on the door - no one answered!  Uh oh...and there they came down the street in a classic Ford Galaxy.  Wow, I was very impressed and completely excited to know that car would be one of my best props ever!  It seems my cell phone service sucked in Prospect or I would have known the family was on their way back to the house with the car.  

The Galaxy belonged to Dalton's grandfather who just recently passed away so this photo prop was of the highest emotional value to this family <3

But mom wasn't happy at first.  You know, typical "boy doesn't want anything to do with getting ready for senior pics. Can't I sleep in till noon?" stuff.  Mom was worried.  Dad cracked the whip.  And I worked my magic to make this handsome young man ease into this session.

And my magic wand worked wonders with the entire family!  Dad was the perfect prop driver - moving that relic anywhere I needed it staged to avoid harsh shadows and glaring sun.

Mom relaxed once she saw her son posing and smiling for the camera!

And I was in heaven - classic car, beautiful Saturday morning, friends, and one great model!

We also went to Moraine - who knew there were all these backroads into the park????  The sun was quite direct and harsh most places near the lake so we drove quite a bit until we found a few shaded spots to shoot.

Dalton is a very personable, handsome, and athletic young man.  I wish him well his senior year in all his sport activities.  Enjoy your senior year and thanks for allowing me the privledge of capturing your smile!





(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) photography Wed, 19 Aug 2015 01:24:45 GMT
Country Boy Through and Through Meet Matthew

Matthew and his family followed my directions to a "T"....when I said scout out some creative and unique spots to shoot the session, WOW!  They delivered.

Now may be a good time to add - this family is related to my last senior on my blog so it shouldn't have surprised me that they would pull through and find some awesome locations!  It's in their blood!  Or could it be they are all firemen? hmmmm....I may have to blog about that sometime!

OK, so I follow dad, Crystal, and Matthew to Distant, PA.  You may not find it on the map.  And I don't know if I would remember how we got there.  But after a few turns on some dirt roads, we stopped at one of the most unique stone bridges I have ever seen.  We hit a slight snag though.  We weren't the only ones who thought it would be a great spot for photos.  Another photographer arrived with her clients, but we all managed to work through it and  everyone was happy.

Except for being bitten alive by gnats and mosquitos down by the water's edge.  Yuk!  After just a few quick shots down there, we decided to move on to another location. this is where it gets a bit hokey!   A young lad who was there with the other photographer (he was driving the quad) asked if we wanted to see another bridge just up the road before we left.  Who could resist that invitation?  He explained it was a railroad bridge spanning the creek.  So, there we went driving up a dirt road, turning in to a cornfield pathway, and winding our way over to a clearing.  All I could hear in my head was dueling banjos playing that tune - you know the one from THAT movie! :)

After a hike (I thought it was a very long hike), we came to a wide grassy clearing that gave a clear view of the old railroad bridge.  It was very cool.  But maybe not worth the drive through a cornfield and my tinge of nerves and apprehension. But, I must say we had fun.  And the young boy who escorted us was very helpful, considerate, and nice.  Thank goodness for AWD (all wheel drive)!!!

And off we went...

2nd location....Matthew's boss' house

And all I can say is PERFECTION.  This home could have been on the front cover of L.L. Bean or Cabelas' magazine.  The owner was gracious enough to allow us to shoot there even though he wasn't going to be home.  Matthew felt so comfortable there and it really showed in the images.  He was able to relax and pose here and there around the property.  

'Mr. September', as Matthew is now known, is a fireman.  So we had to be sure to capture his "fireman" look!  And it was just about sunset.  Oh, a photographer's dream time! 


I have to say that usually young men are not that in to having their senior pictures taken.  I have literally seen guys just pout up a storm.  But, somehow, through the use of charm, jokes, and trust, I found a way to capture the real Matthew.  And dad and Crystal enjoyed every minute of watching Matthew smile, let loose, and enjoy this special time in his life!  I so appreciate Scott trusting me with his son's senior portraits.  I hope they can look back on this day and recall all the laughter and fun moments they shared together.




(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Tue, 11 Aug 2015 23:12:51 GMT
Finding Beauty in the Alley Meet Kendra.  


When Kendra and her father first contacted me to discuss her senior portraits, I thought: "OK, it's a high school senior. What can I do to help make this session unique."

Well, to my surprise and delight, Kendra and her dad already knew what they wanted...EDGY!

Now, I am a mom (to a son though) so when I first envisioned 'edgy' with this adorable senior girl sitting in my office, I was a bit nervous.  Would dad be okay with his teenage daughter kinda veering off the normal senior picture route?  Here we were discussing torn jeans, Harleys, and retro brick walls.

But dad was right there - making very "cool" suggestions for locations, poses, and what to wear.  I loved his enthusiasm and pure love and devotion to his very stunning teenage daughter.  Now to find that perfect location to capture her style and beauty.

I gave my clients some homework because they know our town very well since they are both local fire fighters (of which I am very proud of them). Find me the coolest brick wall in downtown Kittanning.  And off they went....

That's when my text notifications went crazy....I was staring right at the coolest wall ever through cell phone uploads from dad!  And who would have thought it was in an alley - in downtown Kittanning - and perfect for Kendra's shoot!  My model was happy.  Dad was happy.  And, boy, was the photographer happy!  ME! :)

And so the planning began....and then the big day arrived!

Kendra wanted to include her new puppy in some photos so we ventured over to the Kittanning Riverfront Park for our first round of photos. 

Then it was off to the "brick wall" in an alley (with a dumpster and an oversized weed).  Thanks to Dad and Ashley the area was spruced up while I set up for the shoot.  Kendra totally rocked this alley...I mean her poses and clothing were spot on! I knew just from peeking at the back of the camera that these shots were going to be awesome.

Then we moved on to the old train station in town.  But when we arrived there was a group of ladies there doing some yard work and minor repairs to the area.  Dad jumped in to action and asked if we could use the location to take a few senior picture photos.  Hesitantly, the woman in charge permitted us 15 minutes. So, hurriedly, we managed to capture just a few shots there.

​Our last location was Kendra's personal favorite.  Her grandfather owns a quaint camp along the Allegheny River near Wattersonville and he welcomed us all there to finish up her senior pictures.  Kendra was in her familiar place and it showed. She was so relaxed and comfortable shooting there. 

This was one of my favorite sessions.  I got it all - fantastic clients, a beautiful model, a very cute puppy, sunshine, awesome locations, and fantastic images.

Thanks to Kendra, Kevin, Ashley, and the grandparents for all being part of this special day!  




(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Sat, 25 Jul 2015 17:13:50 GMT
A Solemn Shift in Life My mother passed away on Sunday.  Unexpectedly.  Somewhat.  She was 91.

Imagine what her eyes have witnessed as she lived her life through the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, and the present!

And imagine what filled her life during this expansive time: births, weddings, parties, anniversaries, deaths, war, winters, presidents, graduations, and so much more.

When I think about where I want to take my photography (that place where I find the most reward and satisfaction), I think about her 91 years and the chronicles of life overall.  This is what I want to capture.  This is my art and vision!  The beauty of a flower, the joy of graduation, a beautiful bride, and a newborn baby...all seen through my camera's lens waiting for me to push the shutter and move that moment in time to its permanent place in someone's history.

So each time you see a new photograph posted to my Facebook page, take a moment to remember my place in photography - the place where I want to show the world all the things my mother lived and loved for 91 years.  The faces may change and the era may change but what's important in people's lives remains constant through the generations - love, family, and friends!

Rest in peace my beautiful mother and know that you live on forever through my photography every day of my life!


(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Wed, 01 Jul 2015 01:59:10 GMT
Maeleigh Brings Sunshine to My Cloudy Day My work day at the mill yesterday wasn't the greatest.  Consider the fact that I may be getting reassigned to another job and you may understand why I was feeling really bummed all day at work.  

And then in just one text message near the end of my work day and my entire spirit was lifted.  "I am bringing Maeleigh and Jaden over for you to do that practice session we discussed last week, ok?"

Now, imagine this.  I am literally just walking in my door from my 9 hour work day at 4pm.  I have been awake since 4:30am (my normal roll out of bed for work time).  And I had a zillion things planned to do last night.  But time stopped....and my heart smiled!  Anytime you introduce Maeleigh in to my day, we've got smiles.  Mae Mae is a 16 month old cutie who has a big chunk of my heart - as most kids do in my life!  But she is also my biggest challenge.

Why?  Well glad you asked.  Maeleigh is VERY attached to her mom, Brooke - nearly inseperable.   It is such a beautiful bond!  Brooke and her beautiful baby girl have had such a close connection.  So my challenge, as their photographer, has been to get this cutie away from mommy for even a split second to catch one good, crisp, in focus image!  Whew!

And last night, with little notice, I knew I had to be on my game.  And ta da!  It was such a successful photo session.  I managed to capture Maeleigh's absolute cuteness with little resistance.  Oh, Maeleigh - you are making this too easy on me now - thanks! :)

I hope the family enjoys these photos.  They will have the opportunity to purchase prints or canvases.  

Meet Maeleigh!!!!















(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) 50mm 6D Canon Facebook MPIX Maeleigh baby camera donna girl lens natural light photographer photography print session Fri, 27 Mar 2015 21:05:01 GMT
Do You Know MANUAL? Did you go to a box store and buy yourself a Canon Rebel T3i?  Did it come with a kit lens?  And did you spend around $600.00?  Maybe, instead, it was a Nikon....maybe you bought an extra lens too!  Regardless of what brand of camera or how many lenses you own...

That's a huge investment.  

And a big move from the Kodak disposable camera or the point and shoot you had 10 years ago.  Not only is your new digital single-lens reflex camera (also called a DSLR) a big investment (and worth it) but this new gadget has a lot of dials, buttons, menus, and accessories that look really complicated.

That's where I can help.  I can offer one-on-one Basic Digital Camera learning classes for anyone who wants to learn what their camera is truly capable of doing.

Contact me at [email protected] to schedule your training class.  The class will be 3 hours scheduled on the weekend.  Bring all your gear, batteries, external flashes, and anything else you may have questions on how to use with your camera.  This individual one-on-one class is $100.00 per person.

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Sat, 21 Mar 2015 02:22:20 GMT
Changes: Prints and Digital

Beginning May 1, 2015 I will only be offering prints ordered through MPIX professional lab and "Facebook size" files as a package deal after your session.  

If you are wondering why the change from offering digital downloads and CDs, let me explain.

Traditionally, in the days of film, photographers only offered prints. Facebook didn't exist and scanning negatives didn't really have a point. Everyone bought prints from their photographer and a photographer would never give the clients the negatives.  The images were displayed on living room walls and mantles for ages.  And wedding pictures were immortalized in beautiful leather-bound albums.

Fast forward to our digital age today and add in social media, and now clients want to have something to "share" online.  But all that digital sharing has led to less and less "professional" photos making it to your real "wall" in your living room.  The absolute best way to see a photograph is printed, framed and hung on a wall.  It's great to share the photos online but one reason you hire a professional is to capture the special moments in time to show off - framed, on a canvas, or even printed on metal.

Clients often will tell me they will get the images printed themselves but after the excitement on Facebook wears off and life carries on, the prints get forgotten. The images sit on a CD in your drawer and that is often the last time they're ever seen. Hopefully that disc doesn't get lost or their hard drive doesn't crash. I've seen it happen.  The retail chains are selling to the masses and can keep their prices very low.  The downside to using a retailer will show up in the quality of the print.  When I post-process and enhance your images, I am carefully constructing a spot on image where the colors pop, it's a sharp image, and the crop is just right.  My monitor and Photoshop colors are calibrated to MPIX.  You can't be guaranteed a quality print at one of those retailers unfortunately.  And we photographers cringe to think one of our creations could be printed at a sub par standard and be a false reflection of our work.   

My clients need to know that I truly just want you to fully enjoy the photos we've created together. I pride myself in achieving the highest quality image for my clients.  By getting them printed and putting them on display in your home or office, you get to see the photos everyday. The prints will be printed at a professional photo lab and will last for 100 years. 

The "social media size" files will not be suitable for printing.  You simply click and share!  But the prints....oh, the prints!!!  Those we will order together and then - BINGO - framed and on the wall for grandma to see!  There is nothing better than a beautiful canvas on the family room wall to keep a family memory alive!

There may be options provided to clients to order a CD of the edited images in certain instances, but each image will be priced accordingly.

Please feel free to contact me for more information and to schedule a session!  I look forward to capturing your special moments and working with you to fill your home with a lifetime of memories!

Thanks for your understanding and trusting me to be your family's photographer!





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Spring Sensation - Boudoir special $200 If you want to heat up your spring season, here's the deal for you.  

If you schedule a boudoir session in April and keep the date, you will pay $200.00 for the session.


Contact me for more details!!!! :)

(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) Mon, 09 Mar 2015 22:07:56 GMT sleep or not to sleep that is the question!

When doing newborn baby photography sessions, it makes my job easier if the baby is reasonably sleepy throughout the photography session.  As any parent knows, however, keeping a newborn sleepy is not so easy.  While there is no magic wand that will guarantee that a newborn will be pleasant, sleepy and docile throughout the duration of the photography session, there are a handful of steps that we can try to keep your little one asleep.

Prior to the Session

All newborns have at least a rough schedule of when they are at their sleepiest.  While parents may often wish that they could predict more accurately when their child will be wide awake, there are certain times during the day when newborns tend to become sleepy.  Let me know when these times are and we can schedule the photo session to correspond with these normal sleeping times.

Keep the Room Warm

It is a fact that infants feel more sleepy in warm environments.   An hour or two before any photo session with a newborn involved, it is always a good idea to begin heating up the room that will be used to shoot pictures.  Space heaters can also be used to provide heat to the shooting area.  We will aim for a balmy 78 degrees!

Make Sure Baby Is Well Fed

One of the main things that can cause a newborn to suddenly wake up completely and become cranky is when they are hungry.  Feeding a baby immediately before shooting will often go a long way towards ensuring that you have a pleasantly sleepy subject for your photographs.  Please plan to bring extra bottles or have everything you need to breastfeed at anytime during the session.

Burp the Baby

Gassy babies are in no mood to be photographed, so make sure to give them a good burping before beginning your session. Excess gas will keep babies awake and uncomfortable, and you want them to be docile for their moment in the spotlight!

Swaddle and Sway

Newborn babies do love being swaddled, and they’re fond of having their legs constricted. The parent can wrap the baby up in a blanket, and then hold him or her upward with the legs curled up and the bottom against their stomach. Sway your arms back and forth, and you should have a sleeping baby on your hands in no time!




(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) baby boy dad girl infant mom newborns photography swaddle Mon, 09 Mar 2015 21:58:00 GMT
Boudoir "Takes Off" - no pun intended When I think glamour, Marilyn Monroe pops in to my head as one of the most sensual and sultry women of all time.

But, I have to say, we less than famous gals can sure look good too!

I was thrilled when Shelby agreed to be one of my boudoir models recently.  This was a first for me....taking a whole new approach with the lens...finding sultry and sexy!

And oo la la!  Shelby rocked this session.

If you are interested in getting your sexy on, please contact me for more information and a consultation.  


(Donna Weckerly Photography, LLC) boudoir girl photography sexy woman Mon, 09 Mar 2015 21:08:48 GMT