How to Prepare for Your Photo Session

As your photographer, you can count on me to have total control of the lighting, posing, and composition of your session to create gorgeous images!  But I will need your help to make the session even better. Here's a list of things you can do to help make it even better!


  • pick out your clothes well before the session date - I can assist you in selecting flattering styles in hues and tones to compliment the background scenery, session theme, and your skin tones
  • practice hair and make up - bring any touch up toiletries (mirror, brush, hair ties, hair products)
  • gather your props - be sure they are clean
  • bend, stretch, sit, kneel and crouch in your clothes and shoes to be sure everything stays put and you can move freely in your clothing choices
  • shave the night before
  • don't use any new skin products a week before your session to avoid any potential skin irritation
  • drink lots of water and get a good night’s sleep to ensure you look fresh and awake
  • be sure you and I are on the same page and have shared photo concepts and ideas
  • arrive on-time for the session if not a few minutes before
  • and above all, have happy thoughts and high expectations for a fabulous session with me - it's going to be so fun!!





The best time to schedule your maternity session is around 28-34 weeks.  This will vary with each woman depending on their progress.  You want to plan the maternity session when you feel good and have a nice belly (but before the downward venture begins)!

I can provide several beautiful, long, and flowing maternity dresses or you can choose to wear something of your own.






When the answer is YES then it's time to capture that special time in your life with beautiful engagement photos. We can create the perfect images to showcase your love for each one another. If you plan to have me photograph your wedding also, I can create a custom package that includes engagement, bridal boudoir, and wedding combined!






A time to reflect on your accomplishments and the bright future that lies ahead.  Let's take a day and capture this important time in your life!  Our session will be creative, fun, and unique!  You can chose a special location, bring a few change of clothes, and use your favorite things in the photos. Each senior session is custom-tailored to meet your ideas and locations. Contact me to discuss your ideas in more detail and then we can design a session that will be all about YOU! Prints, canvas art, and albums are available for purchase. Digitals for yearbook inclusion are complimentary.






Every family has its own story to tell:  are you the outdoorsy/woodsy type?  Are you avid sports fans?  Do you like the beach?  What's your favorite place to spend time together?  Let me meet you at your favorite spot and capture your family's smiles and personalities.




Newborn sessions should be scheduled within their first 14 days. At around 8 days old, babies start stretching and moving more so it can become more difficult to get them into those sleeping poses. This all depends on the type of images the parents are hoping for so the timeline can change.


You should take some time to talk with me about your vision and ideas for your newborn photography session. Have you browsed Pinterest and Google for some themed ideas? Let me know what images you saved and I can discuss with you some tips about realization and facilitating those ideas...props, posing, style.


Shooting newborn photography takes more time, patience, and posing in order to fill a gallery full of beautiful images. So please plan for a minimum of 2 hours.  If the baby is fussy, too awake and unsettled, or not feeling well, we may have to extend the time or reschedule. 


If siblings will be a part of the session, please bring along snacks, a favorite toy, and something to keep them entertained for a few hours.


Bring a change of clothes for everyone being photographed just in case any "accidents” happen.


Bring everything needed for changing and feeding the newborn - including any special creams, wipes, or products you use. 


Bring any toys, props, or family heirlooms that you want incorporated into the photos.


Please utilize a pacifier or other means of calming your newborn during the session.


Loosen the baby’s clothing and diaper at least 30 minutes before the session.  This will give time for any imprint marks and redness to disappear and make the baby’s skin look flawless!


Parents and siblings should avoid wearing patterns - stick with solid colors - to avoid taking the attention away from the newborn.


Keep in mind that all those darling newborn images with cute poses, curled up in a basket, or wrapped in a swaddle in a bowl require your baby to be in one of its deepest sleeps.  When the baby is sound asleep, those poses are so much easier because the newborn is totally relaxed.  Try keeping baby awake 30 minutes or longer just before the session time.


I recommend feeding the baby FULL right before they come to the session.  warm milk equals a happy and sleepy baby.