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Welcome to the Nature and Landscape Gallery by Donna Weckerly Photography

Step into a world where every frame captures the raw beauty of our natural surroundings and awe-inspiring landscapes. From the tranquil serenity of the Armstrong Trail to the adorable image of a backyard bunny, each image is a work of art carefully curated to transport you to another realm.

We invite you to explore, experience, and most importantly, make these stunning vistas a permanent part of your life.

All images in this gallery are available for purchase.

Choose from a variety of print options and sizes to bring the beauty of the great outdoors right into your living space.

Thank you for visiting Donna Weckerly Photography. We're honored to share these moments of natural wonder with you.

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Animal: Curious BunnyAnimal: Eating All NaturalAnimal: Hummingbird in FlightAnimal: Hummingbird LandingAnimal: Japanese Beatle MacroAnimal: Ladybug MacroAnimal: Perched for FoodAnimal: Praying MantisAnimal: SquirrelBee: Bee EyesBee: BeeAYouTfulBee: Blue Pastel BuzzBee: Lunch DateBee: Macro on FlowerBee: Sedum BeeBee: Sunflower PollenBee: Upside Down BeeBridge Walkway Fogged Jan 2024Bridge: Allegheny River ice jam 2022Bridge: Applewold in Autumn