Let’s capture this moment the right way!  We set up a pre-session consultation where everything about you both is discussed: likes and dislikes, favorite locations, colors, foods and more!  I want to find what makes you two such a great couple and use that to create a unique and fun engagement session for you both.  And you get to quiz me on my style, ideas and business stuff.  We will make sure we are the perfect fit!

Once we have a foundation to start from, we plan!  Pick a day.  Pick a location.  Pick a theme.  Pick your clothing and accessories. And we are ready.

During our session, we will capture posed portraits, candid snapshots and something in between to make sure we catch the many sides of your relationship: serious, quirky, fun and loving all rolled into one.


One-hour Session Fee:   $150

Make-up / Stylist on site: $50 add-on fee


After the engagement session, I will invite you both over to my office for a slide show of your Proofs.  At this time you will select the images that you want printed.  Together we will create your print package.  I will spend a couple of weeks doing some post-editing/enhancements and then order your prints.