Welcome to the beginning of your image gallery review!


Once you enter your Gallery Access ID information, your image gallery will be revealed in all its glory!  All those smiling faces and memories can be reviewed by you and anyone else with whom you share your gallery ID and password.  Take your time...experience all the images and imagine which ones will find their way into a beautiful frame for on the walls of your home.  


I pride myself on my finished product - the PRINT.  That is my art and the end result of our photography session.  You hired me to capture this special time in your life and I want you to be able to share that memory every day with the people you love.  Prints, canvases, and other printed gifts make the perfect accessory for any home or office.  Don’t tuck your memories away on a CD inside a desk drawer.  Show off my art as well as your memory.


Once you have reviewed your gallery proofs and determined which images are perfect for you, create a SHARED FAVORITE folder and then my next stage of perfecting your images begins. We are almost there.....


And please consider writing a review on my website and Facebook page to let others know about your experience with Donna Weckerly Photography!  It would be truly appreciated.