Mixing Sobriety and Boudoir - a recipe for confidence

February 02, 2017  •  1 Comment

I know all too well, as a recovering addict's mom, how miserable and unrewarding a life can become once it is infected with alcoholism or drug abuse.  I've seen first-hand what depression, low self-esteem and helplessness looks like as the disease takes over their lives.  There's no joy.  There's no family.  Their health deteriorates.  Socially, they become glued to a bottle or wrapped up in a circle of crime.  It takes nothing short of a miracle and lots of time and hard work for them to find the light and recover from addiction.

I have two success stories to share with you.  

One is very personal and involves my 30 year old son.  Adam is currently working through an 18 month recovery program in Pittsburgh, PA.  His successes come every day - slowly he is clearing his mind and realizing his potential.  He has tons of support and is loved unmeasurably.  Please keep him in your prayers.

And then there is Missy!  My dear sweet Missy who has battled alcoholism for over 30 years.  

In her own words: "I am an alcoholic named Missy.  My self-esteem has been provided to me via alcohol for over 30 years."

14 months of sobrietyMissy has been in recovery for almost 14 months!

Missy came to me with broken self-confidence.  Sure, she heard from friends and family "your beautiful inside and out" but she just didn't feel it or see it!  Missy wanted to "see from the outside looking in", regain her self-esteem and share her confidence with her husband (newlyweds).  

Our boudoir session began with lingerie sprawled out all over the bed and I watched as Missy's eyes lit up when she imagined herself in a beautiful white lace gown or the sexy red corset.  Then I watched her hesitate, step back and consider what she was about to do.  After losing a lot of weight, battling some medical issues and drinking away her blues, Missy had scars to show the wear and tear on her body.   She was nervous and it was now time for me to explain how, in just a few short minutes, every doubt Missy carried about her body would be washed away.  I promised her.  Now it was on me to transform a broken young woman...

The room was transformed in to a safe place for Missy to let go and be sexy.  She was actually a natural - I laughed and asked if she had done this before.  Missy, right in front of my eyes, wearing a lace gown and sexy lipstick, began to curve her hips and pout those lips in a way that just looked so natural and fun.  As the shutter clicked away, I watched Missy loosen up - she wanted more - she was asking if she could pose a certain way.  She became focused on her body.  She moved and posed just how she imagined her body should be if she was flirting with her husband.  She laughed.

But then...I stopped and said we would take a quick break so I could show her a few of the images from the back of my camera.  I love to let the girls see exactly what the lingerie, makeup and poses look like to just reassure them how great they are doing.  

Missy 156Missy Missy

And then it happened!  The moment I pray for every time I work with a boudoir client. But this time was different.  The tears came quickly and her body just slumped onto the bed.  And she said: "That can't be me.  That's not me. Really? Is that me?"  And we cried together.  And as quickly as the tears came, they left.  Because her shoulders rose.  Her smile returned.  Missy was seeing herself again as a beautiful and sexy young woman.  

Missy 88Missy 88

And the rest is history....Missy and I created a gorgeous gallery of boudoir images that she can share with her husband.  And she is willing and open to sharing the images and her story with all of you.  Missy wants each of you to know how empowering and perfect her boudoir session was for her.  

Missy Missy

We all have our own challenges.  And we women are just so damn hard on ourselves.  We are so critical of even the smallest imperfection.  Stop it.  Even without a liberating boudoir session, each of you should feel confident and empowered.  But it never hurts to see the 'back of the camera' and say WOW! 

Please consider leaving a comment below this blog post!  Peace and Joy to you all!




Meliss Hetrick(non-registered)
Great portfolio and awesome pictures. How brace she is to share this with all of us. I can only hope one day I would have the confidence to have pictures done like this from a great fiend and photographer. We all as women are truest hard on ourselves and our self image as am I. I say this as I currently stare at all of the scars on my stomach I have from recent surgery as I prepare to have the same type of surgery again in this battle with cancer. I have found somewhat of peace in it crazy as it sounds. I will forever be scared from it but it will be worth the fight in the end. You should become a writer Donna you do it so well
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