Editorialized and loving it!

September 17, 2016  •  2 Comments

It all started with an idea and a long overdue visit with one of my closest friends. It seemed that both Cheri Herold and I shared a vision of where my photography skills and her artistry could work together to create a creative and unique gallery of images. Levi Leyland styled by Cheri Herold

So I asked a few of my most model-friendly clients if they were game for an editorial style fashion shoot using professional make up artists and hair stylists - all while getting pointers from a former model. We were headed to Mars - Pennsylvania, not outer-space, to spend the day at the Fountain of Youth Cosmetology Academy.

Model Kellie Donahue Model Kendra Kline Model Ashley Pellegrino Model Levi Leyland


And this gallery of images proves that all it takes is a vision and determination to make something work - and we had FUN! The models, although far outside their normal comfort zone, managed to find something about the day that boosted their self-confidence or helped them find a new hair style. Some were ecstatic about watching everyone have their make-up applied. While some just couldn't stop trying on all the cool clothes and accessories. It was like we were all backstage in NYC during Fashion Week!


Kellie Kendra Ashley Levi


My models were better than perfect - way better! And the stylists, students, teachers, and others worked so hard to make this a success. Now, you may find the make up and hairstyles a tad too over the top for your taste, but that was the whole point of the shoot: steeping out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new.

Kellie Ashley Kendra and Levi


This session brought me so much joy and laughter. As well as some very awesome shots! I hope you enjoy browsing these images as much as we all loved creating them for you. Please be sure to leave us a comment! Peace and Love...

Kendra PNG for web use 2918 Levi and KelliePNG for web use 2918 Levi and Kellie PNG for web use 26 DylanPNG for web use 26 Dylan Printable JPEG 2850 KendraPrintable JPEG 2850 KendraFountain of Youth Stylized Fashion Session 2016 Printable JPEG 3106 KendraPrintable JPEG 3106 Kendra

Photographer:  Donna Weckerly (Kittanning, PA)

Stylist: Cheri Herold Gall

Videographer:  Dylan Hetrick

Salon:  Fountain of Youth Cosmetology Academy in Mars, PA





Huge cheers for this out of the box, fun, uplifting, wild day with Awesome people! Cheri and her students were warm, welcoming and hard working. Donna....much love and appreciation I am sending you!
Melissa Hetrick(non-registered)
This was a lot of fun (even though I had no idea what I was doing to help with lighting) it gave Dylan a chance to do some videography he's never done before
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