Nails, Metal, and Models

April 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My blessings are many....but on this day I was completely blessed with two awesome models and the perfect art studio!

I had a vision for a styled session.  And I had two special models in mind!  

And there was this awesome art studio located in Butler that I was familiar with....and then there was magic!

The owner of the studio, Bill Secunda, gave me the two thumbs up to shoot at his sculpture workshop/studio.  What a fantastic on-location studio for me to use!  The weather was a tad chilly so my models were glad to find a small heated area of the workshop to hide in while I set up for each different set.

Kendra and Levi had never met before the shoot, but it only took seconds for them to bond to create emotional and edgy images!  

Be sure to go to Bill's website and Facebook page to view his spectacular art work!!!!!  He is an incredible artist and is now famous all over the country.


                                                     Bill Secunda Studios



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