A Walk on the Vintage Side

August 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Dalton.

Of course, I am always showing off my gorgeous and handsome senior pics to my coworkers!  They see my blog, browse through my website, and always get to hear the latest photo session scoop.  So, I was thrilled when my friend and coworker, Eric, asked if I could schedule his son's senior portrait session.  We scheduled a date and the rest is history!


When I arrived in Prospect, PA (I found the house without GPS - Prospect is a small town), I was first greeted by the family dog - wagging tail and all. Hesitantly, with no one around, I reached out my hand to pet him and that was it - friends for life! :)  I knocked on the door - no one answered!  Uh oh...and there they came down the street in a classic Ford Galaxy.  Wow, I was very impressed and completely excited to know that car would be one of my best props ever!  It seems my cell phone service sucked in Prospect or I would have known the family was on their way back to the house with the car.  

The Galaxy belonged to Dalton's grandfather who just recently passed away so this photo prop was of the highest emotional value to this family <3

But mom wasn't happy at first.  You know, typical "boy doesn't want anything to do with getting ready for senior pics. Can't I sleep in till noon?" stuff.  Mom was worried.  Dad cracked the whip.  And I worked my magic to make this handsome young man ease into this session.

And my magic wand worked wonders with the entire family!  Dad was the perfect prop driver - moving that relic anywhere I needed it staged to avoid harsh shadows and glaring sun.

Mom relaxed once she saw her son posing and smiling for the camera!

And I was in heaven - classic car, beautiful Saturday morning, friends, and one great model!

We also went to Moraine - who knew there were all these backroads into the park????  The sun was quite direct and harsh most places near the lake so we drove quite a bit until we found a few shaded spots to shoot.

Dalton is a very personable, handsome, and athletic young man.  I wish him well his senior year in all his sport activities.  Enjoy your senior year and thanks for allowing me the privledge of capturing your smile!






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