Finding Beauty in the Alley

July 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Kendra.  


When Kendra and her father first contacted me to discuss her senior portraits, I thought: "OK, it's a high school senior. What can I do to help make this session unique."

Well, to my surprise and delight, Kendra and her dad already knew what they wanted...EDGY!

Now, I am a mom (to a son though) so when I first envisioned 'edgy' with this adorable senior girl sitting in my office, I was a bit nervous.  Would dad be okay with his teenage daughter kinda veering off the normal senior picture route?  Here we were discussing torn jeans, Harleys, and retro brick walls.

But dad was right there - making very "cool" suggestions for locations, poses, and what to wear.  I loved his enthusiasm and pure love and devotion to his very stunning teenage daughter.  Now to find that perfect location to capture her style and beauty.

I gave my clients some homework because they know our town very well since they are both local fire fighters (of which I am very proud of them). Find me the coolest brick wall in downtown Kittanning.  And off they went....

That's when my text notifications went crazy....I was staring right at the coolest wall ever through cell phone uploads from dad!  And who would have thought it was in an alley - in downtown Kittanning - and perfect for Kendra's shoot!  My model was happy.  Dad was happy.  And, boy, was the photographer happy!  ME! :)

And so the planning began....and then the big day arrived!

Kendra wanted to include her new puppy in some photos so we ventured over to the Kittanning Riverfront Park for our first round of photos. 

Then it was off to the "brick wall" in an alley (with a dumpster and an oversized weed).  Thanks to Dad and Ashley the area was spruced up while I set up for the shoot.  Kendra totally rocked this alley...I mean her poses and clothing were spot on! I knew just from peeking at the back of the camera that these shots were going to be awesome.

Then we moved on to the old train station in town.  But when we arrived there was a group of ladies there doing some yard work and minor repairs to the area.  Dad jumped in to action and asked if we could use the location to take a few senior picture photos.  Hesitantly, the woman in charge permitted us 15 minutes. So, hurriedly, we managed to capture just a few shots there.

​Our last location was Kendra's personal favorite.  Her grandfather owns a quaint camp along the Allegheny River near Wattersonville and he welcomed us all there to finish up her senior pictures.  Kendra was in her familiar place and it showed. She was so relaxed and comfortable shooting there. 

This was one of my favorite sessions.  I got it all - fantastic clients, a beautiful model, a very cute puppy, sunshine, awesome locations, and fantastic images.

Thanks to Kendra, Kevin, Ashley, and the grandparents for all being part of this special day!  





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