sleep or not to sleep that is the question!

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When doing newborn baby photography sessions, it makes my job easier if the baby is reasonably sleepy throughout the photography session.  As any parent knows, however, keeping a newborn sleepy is not so easy.  While there is no magic wand that will guarantee that a newborn will be pleasant, sleepy and docile throughout the duration of the photography session, there are a handful of steps that we can try to keep your little one asleep.

Prior to the Session

All newborns have at least a rough schedule of when they are at their sleepiest.  While parents may often wish that they could predict more accurately when their child will be wide awake, there are certain times during the day when newborns tend to become sleepy.  Let me know when these times are and we can schedule the photo session to correspond with these normal sleeping times.

Keep the Room Warm

It is a fact that infants feel more sleepy in warm environments.   An hour or two before any photo session with a newborn involved, it is always a good idea to begin heating up the room that will be used to shoot pictures.  Space heaters can also be used to provide heat to the shooting area.  We will aim for a balmy 78 degrees!

Make Sure Baby Is Well Fed

One of the main things that can cause a newborn to suddenly wake up completely and become cranky is when they are hungry.  Feeding a baby immediately before shooting will often go a long way towards ensuring that you have a pleasantly sleepy subject for your photographs.  Please plan to bring extra bottles or have everything you need to breastfeed at anytime during the session.

Burp the Baby

Gassy babies are in no mood to be photographed, so make sure to give them a good burping before beginning your session. Excess gas will keep babies awake and uncomfortable, and you want them to be docile for their moment in the spotlight!

Swaddle and Sway

Newborn babies do love being swaddled, and they’re fond of having their legs constricted. The parent can wrap the baby up in a blanket, and then hold him or her upward with the legs curled up and the bottom against their stomach. Sway your arms back and forth, and you should have a sleeping baby on your hands in no time!





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