Maeleigh Brings Sunshine to My Cloudy Day

March 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

My work day at the mill yesterday wasn't the greatest.  Consider the fact that I may be getting reassigned to another job and you may understand why I was feeling really bummed all day at work.  

And then in just one text message near the end of my work day and my entire spirit was lifted.  "I am bringing Maeleigh and Jaden over for you to do that practice session we discussed last week, ok?"

Now, imagine this.  I am literally just walking in my door from my 9 hour work day at 4pm.  I have been awake since 4:30am (my normal roll out of bed for work time).  And I had a zillion things planned to do last night.  But time stopped....and my heart smiled!  Anytime you introduce Maeleigh in to my day, we've got smiles.  Mae Mae is a 16 month old cutie who has a big chunk of my heart - as most kids do in my life!  But she is also my biggest challenge.

Why?  Well glad you asked.  Maeleigh is VERY attached to her mom, Brooke - nearly inseperable.   It is such a beautiful bond!  Brooke and her beautiful baby girl have had such a close connection.  So my challenge, as their photographer, has been to get this cutie away from mommy for even a split second to catch one good, crisp, in focus image!  Whew!

And last night, with little notice, I knew I had to be on my game.  And ta da!  It was such a successful photo session.  I managed to capture Maeleigh's absolute cuteness with little resistance.  Oh, Maeleigh - you are making this too easy on me now - thanks! :)

I hope the family enjoys these photos.  They will have the opportunity to purchase prints or canvases.  

Meet Maeleigh!!!!
















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