Impromtu (or was it fate?)

October 02, 2015  •  1 Comment

Step back in time with me for a moment to the 1990's when my son, Adam and his friend Dave were elementary age kids growing up in Worthington, PA.  Oh how I often wish the clock's hands would roll back to those days and my son would still be that little boy!  But days fly by and our children become adults.  And we, as parents, learn to parent from a distance.  Sometimes our children move away and start their own lives!

And that's just what Dave did.  He is actually now living in Philadelphia but recently made a trip home to rural Western PA.  I saw on Facebook that he was home visiting his family so I sent him a Facebook message on a whim just to check in AND suggest we do a fun photo session.  He was game.  We made plans.  And here is where the whole idea of fate steps in...

So our day together goes perfectly.  Dave is very photogenic and quite personable.  He gets that trait from his mom because she and I had a nice chat while waiting for Dave to get his last minute things done for the shoot.  

Dave and I spent a couple hours on his grandparent's farm - shooting at their beautiful pond.  

When I returned home from the shoot,  I decided to edit a couple of Dave's images and post the photos online for him to show his mom and family.  A simple TAG and ta da - his face is gracing Facebook's timelines near and far.

At some point (as I am following the gads of comments and likes on his image) I notice one particular comment:


Gad Zooks!!!!  A NYC boutique owner has shown an interest in David's gorgeous face for an upcoming campaign!!!!!!  Crazy!!!  Crazy good, that is!

So, was it fate that I just "out of the blue" contacted Dave?   No one knows for sure but we do know Dave will make the perfect model!  And I am super stoked that quite possibly one of my images could have been a factor in getting him recognized!  I will accept that and be VERY HAPPY! :)



Brian Anderson(non-registered)
Of course it was FATE. That is my belief in how our world works. Nothing is happenstance. We live a FATE driven life, and the moment of clarity is the uncertainty. Great Blog tonight.
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